Jones Lang LaSalle, the global property giant, recently undertook an in-depth study of employee productivity inside the workplace and delivered its findings in a report titled, Perspectives on Productivity: Corporate Australia.

The report made for interesting reading, but two questions JLL posed in its survey really stood out.

First, JLL asked a group of senior executives ‘How do your people spend their time?’ The executives responded that their people spent 46% of their time ‘managing email’. Alarmingly, this figure was more than twice as high as the next most undertaken activity, ‘talking’.

Next, they asked the same executives, ‘What activity creates the most value at work?’ Here, their response was even more disconcerting. The executives estimated that email contributed a meagre 11% of the value generated inside their business, lagging far behind other categories such as ‘thinking’ and ‘brainstorming’.

These findings highlight an enormous ‘value gap’ that is eroding workplace productivity. People are no longer undertaking the work that creates and adds value. Instead, they’re busy sending emails back and forth; seemingly unaware that this is among the least productive tasks that they can undertake.

Would you obtain similar results if you ran this type of survey in your workplace? If you think you would, then you have your answer as to why it is your people feel they’re working harder than ever, but getting less and less done — email.

There’s no dispute that email is an amazing communication tool, but it’s also clear that its overuse is now acting as a very powerful handbrake on workplace productivity and performance.

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